Customize magnetic glass whiteboard

Customize Magnetic Glass Whiteboard
Customize Magnetic Glass Whiteboard
Customize Magnetic Glass Whiteboard
Customize Magnetic Glass Whiteboard

What Is Customized Glass Magnetic Whiteboard ?

Customized glass magnetic whiteboards are on their way out; they are hard to clean, have problems with streaking and ghosting and are not the most eco-friendly boards to produce and manufacture. Customized glass magnetic whiteboards were a great first step in revolutionizing the blackboard; they offered a chalk-free, more natural ‘black on white’ surface for teaching.

While the Customized glass magnetic whiteboards absolutely changed the way we look at teaching boards and their potential, they are no longer the newest and most effective product on the market. When it comes to teaching boards, the newest product is the glass whiteboard. These boards are not only extremely durable and easy to clean, but they’re environmentally friendly and contain fewer chemicals than the traditional whiteboards.

So why order a Customized glass magnetic whiteboards, instead of another new whiteboard?

Durability – If you really get good use out of your whiteboard, it could easily need to be replaced every 5 or 6 years due to streaking, ghosting and general wear and tear. Glassboards will never have those problems; they never streak, are impermeable to markers, both dry erase and permanent and will never fade or discolor. Since glass boards are made from an incredibly durable tempered glass, they can last for decades.

Design – A custom glassboard gives your office the exact look it’s needed. You have tons of options for customizing your space, including a clear glassboard, a frosted glass one, or a more traditional black or white board. If you really want to get creative, you can opt for a back-painted board or a magnetic glass whiteboard, to get the most use out of the board as possible.

Branding – Ordering a custom board takes your glassboard from a functional office tool, to a branded office fixture. Customizing your glassboard with your company’s logo or school mascot is a great way to show support, and to show your clients or students that they’re in good hands.

Like the look of a clean office space? Opt for the clear glassboard with matching glass storage tray. This tray is compact and translucent, so you can store your dry erase markers with ease. Staying organized has never been so easy!

Our company, Joo Heng Framemaker, offers free custom sizing for any of your glassboard needs. If you think your office may be too small or awkwardly shaped to fit a glassboard, all you have to do is give us a call and we can help solve your sizing needs.